I had a great experience working with Cristina Davis. She made it easy to open up to and shared easy to implement strategies to use in my daily life. So grateful that I had the chance to have her as my therapist and definitely would recommend working with her!

Cristina is such a passionate and caring professional. She not only takes time to invest in her clients but her coworkers alike. Cristina is resource driven and is constantly learning more to ensure the most relevant, ethical, and applicable approach to each and every client she sees.

As a Christian college-aged young woman, I really appreciated working with Dr. Cristina Davis. I received Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for anxiety and depression. I would highly recommend Dr. Davis as a therapist, particularly if you are willing to put in the effort to improve your mental health, but desire an extra push towards being proactive, especially advocating for your needs. She provides a safe space to talk through your problems, but helps you not to dwell on them. She is someone you can feel comfortable with right away and she makes conscious effort to show that she’s invested in your healing journey. She is also very receptive to feedback and if you would like her to change something about her approach, I would highly recommend speaking up. As she’d say, once you work through a challenge with someone, your relationship grows deeper. Overall, I’m very thankful for the opportunity to learn different approaches to dealing with mental health concerns and difficult situations/relationships from someone with a biblical and God-centered perspective.

We found that we were getting complacent in our marriage, and we felt that we needed support from other sources for our relationship to continue to move forward in a positive way. Dr. Cristina Davis gave us some very important tools to use that helped us get back on track with the values that our marriage was based on. We highly recommend Dr. Davis to help you on your journey.

As we went through our journey in life, we needed to take time out to review where our relationship with each other was at and the next chapters in these travels.