Leah Chambers has an incredible gift of truly seeing and honoring people’s diverse experiences. She is an expert in understanding the layers/ complexities of shame, trauma, and grief while helping you create new empowering internal stories, narratives, and skills. She is my hype woman, my accountability, and isn’t scared to tell it like it is – which we all need from our therapist!

Leah Chambers is an outstanding Christian therapist. Her empathy, honesty, and direct approach create a safe space for healing. With expertise in trauma work and Brainspotting, Leah guides clients with precision and compassion. Her holistic approach integrates faith seamlessly into therapy, if desired.

I have had the privilege of knowing Leah Chambers professionally for almost a decade. She is deeply passionate and knowledgeable about helping others heal from trauma. She is also creative and thinks outside of the box, ensuring a safe therapeutic space for her clients.

Leah is an incredible therapist. She is easy to connect with, open up to and trust with all of my thoughts, feelings and experiences. She is intelligent, intuitive and non-judgmental. I always feel important in her presence and feel like she truly cares. See her! She will help you to change your life. She’s simply the best :)

I cannot properly express the immense compassion Leah Chambers has for everyone she comes in contact with. Leah exemplifies empathy and unconditional positive regard in every relationship. She is a wise and skilled clinician, meeting clients where they are at. She is creative in her approach to meet her clients’ needs and is dedicated to providing the best possible care.