I have received counseling from Benjamin Deu for a little over a year. I came to him at a time when I had personal issues that needed to be addressed and resolved. I felt that these issues and circumstances, most from my past, were holding me back from being my true self. Addressing these issues with Benjamin have enabled me to become more confident in myself in addition to being honest with myself about issues that do come up. 

Looking for a Counselor?I just had to take a few minutes to endorse Seattle Christian Counseling. This wonderful program founded and led by Benjamin Deu, MA, LMHC and Erik Mildes, MA, LMHC provides the highest quality counseling practice in the Seattle area.I am also a counseling professional with over 40 years of experience and I have had the opportunity of referring many people to their counseling practice, everytime with the results I was looking for.