Prior to marriage my husband and I were experiencing problems communicating with each other. We decided to seek premarital counseling with a Christian foundation, but were unsure where to start.

Just the fact that I showed effort in coming to counseling has made a huge difference in my wife getting that I am committed to her and she now reacts differently to me as well.  Because my wife has seen the difference in me she has been open to changing as well.  I am able to manage my anger better.

My initial view on counseling, like many others, was a negative one. I didn’t want to think my problems were enough to need professional help. But after some encouragement I started researching online and reading multiple reviews on different counselors, I came across Benjamin Deu.

Your counsel made a big difference in my life, in the few times we met.  It has greatly helped me to be able to move forward- to a place of hope.

I am a 28 year old single male that struggles with pornography, relating to my mother, and intimacy.  These issues were affecting my relationship with my girlfriend, friendships, and career. My counselor Benjamin Deu has been a tremendous help to me as I sort out these issues and find my identity.