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Christian Counseling for Marriages, Families, Individuals, Teens, and Children

We are a close association of licensed and professional Christian counselors and psychotherapists who uphold clear values in faith and counseling. Our counselors help individuals, premarital couples, marriages, and families overcome a vast spectrum of challenges. If you are seeking help for your marriage, a loved one, your family, or an issue in your own life please connect with us today through our Christian counselor directory or online contact form.

Support Groups

Counseling groups are forming at Seattle Christian Counseling. Groups include Men’s Sexual Addiction Recovery by Chris Chandler. Experience the power and support of being part of a community seeking restoration and healing together. Limited openings are available!


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Uniquely Tailored Christian Counseling

Each of our counselors have been proven to excel in counseling practice while demonstrating a passion and depth in their relationship with Christ.  They have been expertly trained to be perceptive to your individual needs and will work with you to identify and resolve wounds, gain new insight, and obtain understanding into your life.  They will look at your life situations from an integrated perspective of faith, hope, and love that will be uniquely tailored to where you are in your journey in order to obtain a better future.