Richard Price was amazing! He really helped me through a tough period in my life. He was attentive, compassionate, friendly and full of God’s wisdom! His counseling helped me to reboot my life and heart – thank you Richard!

I highly recommend Richard Price as a counselor. He is trustworthy and possesses exceptional interpersonal skills. I find that he understands the human condition and inspires hope and optimism with those he counsels.

Richard is very supportive. He worked to guide me through a very difficult time in life.

I was a client of Richard Price for about 9 months in 2018. I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions! He was punctual, very cordial, gave practical/effective advice, and he also started the majority of our sessions with prayer which meant a lot to me as a believer.

Richard has been very helpful. I was struggling with high levels of stress at work and home. I felt like I was going crazy. Richard listened carefully to my stories and validated that the stress I was experiencing was indeed unusually high. He gave me homework which helped me to focus on what I could control and to practice self care. Putting these methods into practice has helped me to move through this difficult time.

It has also helped me keep my sanity while increasing my faith and strengthening my walk with God.